I’m procrastinating so much during break. I have a 3 to 5 page autobiography due on Monday, a 12-slide PP presentation (plus a 5 minute DIY-type video) on 1910’s women history and important figures of that decade, and two analysis papers of Lord of the Flies due Tuesday.

Hey Dakotah, how’s that “I can handle Honors classes, school is easy” game plan going?

I don’t fucking wake you up because something needs to be done. Wake up and take care of your kid instead of sleeping until noon because you were up drinking all night.

Go the fuck away. I honestly hope you don’t get full primary custody of your daughter. The last thing she needs is a “dad” like you.

My stepdad is a joke.

How about you go to AA and learn about your problems rather than tell me “how it is”. Well “how it is” is that you’re an alcoholic and my mom is too scared to be straight forward about it with you. When I turn 18, I’ll have more words for you than you’ve ever had for me, and it sure seems like I’m always the main talk between my mom and you.

Let’s be “real” for a bit..

You’re a 51 year-old bachelor-lifestyled alcoholic who has absolutely no sympathy for any human being. You seem to think that the only way I’ll learn how “it really is” is if you tell me exactly what to do, for ever single thing I do and am going to do.

I always thought the best way to accomplish things is when I can prove to people that I was able to do big things. But now I don’t give a fuck about proving people wrong. I don’t give a fuck about negative people seeing my positivity. I’m here for myself, for my happiness, and for my accomplishments. Stop trying to make me think that the only motivation in life is the motivation I get from proving people wrong.

End rant.